Early Days

In the early days, Nate Kindell and Kevin Lambes decided they were going to get guitars and start a rock band. Not long after, Casey Carpenter joined them as bassist and The Steel Wings was born. Unfortunately, before they could successfully complete their first album, a dispute broke out between Casey and Kevin. In the end, Kevin left the band to form his own band, The United.

Glory Wings

The first album, Glory Wings was originally going to be titled Wings of Glory but due to a mix up ended up being titled Glory Wings. In those days, the time, knowledge and equipment was significantly limited and the album was rushed to compete with The United and so the first album ended up just being a collection of sound tests and demos that hardly resembled songs. In retrospect, some of the tracks recorded for that album that didn't make it due to the mix up were actually better and more worth being on the album. Either way, everyone has to start somewhere

Trivia: Before Kevin left the band, Nate made a mach up cover (which didn't end up being used and the final didn't resemble it) for the album. It was titled Chicken Wings as a joke.

Metallic Lightning

The second album, Metallic Lightning, consisted of more songs that resembled actual songs and had at least a few tracks that featured the full band. Some of the better non-full band songs were later reused in the third album but completed. Still, this album was plagued with the same super short track lengths as the first.

Trivia: When the original cover was created, Nate was typing it and misspelled Metallic Matallic. When Casey saw it he shouted "Mah-tallic Lightning? What is mah-tallic?!?! Learn to spell you idiot!"  Nate laughed and corrected the error.

More Trivia: Some of the original track titles of the first two albums were lost over the years and now only some have been recovered by diving deep in the archives.

Down the Road

The third album should really have been the first as it was the first album to feature the full band consistently and really have full songs. Because the songs didn't have lyrics, the band made the decision not to name the tracks. The songs were of a lighter nature than the tracks of the first two, a fact that surprised many fans. The album was re-released shortly after adding a drum track using a drum machine as most of the early buyers complained at the lack of drums.

Trivia: Originally there was going to be a third version containing bonus content active when the album was put in a PC, but was never released. The bonus song was a early recording of The N.O.W. Generation then without a title.

More Trivia: The drums-added copies of the album so requested never sold well and Nate ended up with overstock that still sits in his room. (In those days band members were required to make their own sales and keep the profit from said sales)

The Album

The Album, titled because it was considered the first proper album. It reused song ideas from the first two albums but using the resources they now had available. This album featured many of the ideas that went into their later work and was a monumental step in bringing them to more professional levels.

Smashing Skills

This album featured many recordings that were not recorded in the usual manner, the were extracted from video clips used on their old youtube account. Thomas Lopez joined the band late in the recording as the Keyboardist.

Trivia: The band got the idea for the cover while enjoying Nate's pool.

Shattered Suburbia

This album was never released but was in development right before the disbandment. It was only released as a demo for a contest. Only 5 of the tracks were ever recorded and some of the tracks that were recorded never saw the light of day as technical difficulties prevented there compilation.

Trivia: The album title, cover and a few of the tracks were re-used when Casey formed the band Hidden Foundation.

Final Sonance

As a final effort to pay tribute to the band, Nate compiled an album of some of the finest works. This, along with this very site were approved by the band and is to be released only as downloadable tracks here.

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